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Originally Posted by thebrochureman View Post
what people need to Remember is that if had put down the cars you wanted me to put in the poll like the (f40) I would have to sacrifice other cars like the m600 then other people would wouldn’t be happy at me doing that at me doing that ether.
Which goes to show you that making a 15-choices poll to select one car among hundreds is impossible, and it requires the poll to be designed about something more specific, with a theme or a reason why some cars are in and some are out. If it was just to include cars people may like, each member would create a thread with a 1-choice poll with his own favorite choice period. Which, make no mistakes, they don't.

Expressing an almost blind preference is quite pointless and isn't adding something to anything if not bad karma to your name here. Worth being noted, we don't have karma points in this forum, but yours wouldn't be so healthy by the look of things.

You can create as many threads as necessary with all sort of polls, just try as much as you can to add arguments and reasons why we should bother, why we should contribute, and why you decided some cars over the others. I feel the need to underline the "YOU DECIDED" as the polls are yours at the end of the day. So why do you consider the Noble M600 a supercar, and why didn't you add the F40, F50 or Enzo? It's a genuine question, no sarcasm or phun here.

Why is the Zonda Cinque so important in your book? Why you considered the McLaren F1 but any of his counterparts?

When supercars appeared on the market, and what do you consider as essential aspects a car must have to be considered a supercar?

Do you consider pre-war cars to be supercars'


Not seen all the posts you've done while I wasn't here, but I've the feeling I just wrote much more words than what you may have done so far.

If you have a potential, don't waste it this way, as you can see members are already getting annoyed.
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