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Originally Posted by LeonOfTheDead View Post
Delahaye 135 then, see avatar on the left.

The Miura is indeed super, but not in the "supercar" way. It surely was among the fastest thing you could buy, but the point is actually something over the competition in term of look (not saying it looks better, which it maybe does), technical solutions and so on.
Even if I reckon this would call in the ReventÚn, I think that car suffers from poor execution and worse marketing. Just saw one this Sunday, don't know which number but I'll check my pics, and it wasn't as interesting as the two Miuras next to it or as the Diablo GT. Thats another super car.
Unfortunately the SV670-4 lacks this same flavor.
Well actually I would say that the aspects you higlight to say the Miura isn't really a supercar are high points of the car from Sant'Agata.

First the styling. I think we can all agree that it is a beautiful looking car and in 1966 like nothing else in the road. The pop-up head lamps, the doors shaped like horns of a bull and so on. A masterpiece and very striking.

The the engineering. Well it may have been flawed, but a mid mounted tranverse V12 was quite revolutionary in the middle of the sixties, wasn't it? Furthermore in SV form it was quite top of the line, with 385bhp performance wasn't exactly lacking.

And then there's the exclusivity of it and the sheer desirability factor which I'd say is quite high. So definitely a proper supercar in my book.

(However I agree that defining car categories is a grey area)
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