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A Reventon isn't a supercar because it's just a Murcie with a boob job. And a Ford GT isn't a supercar since it's just a piggly rip off of a GT40, though the GT40 could be considered so.

In no way is a ZR1 a supercar, it's just a hotted up corvette. It's undoubtedly fast, but performance isn't everything or every backyard special with slicks and 800+ hp would be a supercar. A supercar has to be purpose built as a supercar.

I also say a 458 isn't a supercar, it's just a fast (and sexy) sports car. A supercar has to be an oh-my-god range topper. Enzo and Mclaren F1 are proper supercars. By the associative property, since the 458 isn't a supercar, and the LFA is fairly identicle stats wise, the LFA also falls short of the title.

Edit: I think the greatest supercar of the modernish era is the F1 but I voted for the S7 to show it some love since no one else would.
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