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Originally Posted by henk4 View Post
even stronger words would have been tolerated as thread title. Any indication why this moron did what he did? Making a phone call perhaps?
Does Australian law proved options for appropriate suing?
to clarify henk, the road is dead straight in a fairly built up area and a 50km/h zone - in the video you can hazard a guess as to how fast he's actually going.. and NO attempt to brake!
it's not clear at this stage if he's even insured - indian driver on an international license (which i believe are temporary?).
i would like to check if he was drunk or on the phone since i don't know why someone would go fast down that street, and even if they were, how they would lose control on a dead straight road and not see the row of parked cars.
at this stage our insurance is taking care of it; it will be their task to get money out of the perpetrator, not ours.
we get the payout regardless, no excess, and also have salvage rights and choice of repairer, so we'll see what happen after the valuation
but yes, definately grounds for suing given the gross negligence whilst driving.. caught on camera too.

on the plus side noone was hurt, although the driver was hospitalised.
for those interested in seeing the road in google street view;
255 south st, cleveland, Queensland Australia - Google Maps
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