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Originally Posted by Matra et Alpine View Post
aye, wis wan o' them "stealth" blackhawk choppers parked in ma gaerdin an a bunch ae guys wi' funny accents shoutin' at mi.
Gave 'em a kickin' and sent them packing then decided tae go doon the pub we' ma mates fur a bevvy.
Nane oe them knew why SEALs wid dress up in sojers uniforms and tell me ah wis tae surrender either.
Why sea animals were in helicopters ah don't know, but they canne take a glesgae kiss onywies.
too soon ??
Haha! ........having lived in the land of Doric for ten years,

that ^^^ didn't go over MY head
Although humour wasn't their strongpoint nor-east of Dundee.
Probably why I enjoyed the Western and Southern parts so much.
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