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Originally Posted by csl177 View Post
The race support company that maintains and preps the car has track data for basic setup which is done in the shop before an event;
first track day is always testing so we have a few sessions to dial it in. The service for a weekend includes mechanic/pit crew, catered breakfast & lunch, the truck has a driver's lounge, they even clean our suits and helmets. Basically, arrive and drive.

Depending on the race we may have as many as six cars & drivers in the "team".
So basically, you own the car and if you wanna drop the money, you can leave it in their hands during the season and you get all of that in return? That's pretty wild, i assume there's no purse for winners in historic events but if there was i can imagine it'd be like any other form of motorsports, a team owns all of that and the car and they pay the driver to race for them. I had no idea historical events were nearly on this kind of a level
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