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Another update:

The annual MOT test has ruined my relationship with this car. I was hoping to spend a maximum of €130 on the test and servicing, but higher powers decided this would not be enough.

The brake hoses have rotten away, showing the canvas. I am not sure who needs brakes with 49 hp but it seems this must be fixed to allow passing the MOT test.

In addition part of the bottom of the car got a little crusty. The right side under the door has corroded over a length of 30 cm and the steel needs to be replaced and welded.

Rust on old Ka's is an issue : there is rust around the tank lid, rust at the bottom and at the inside of the hatch I was able to strip a piece of metal which was rotten away.

Total costs for repairs and service for today : €616. In addition, I spend €800 on a new clutch on the car in January. Ironically, I got rid of my previous Fiesta to avoid the same replacement of the clutch.

Let's get rid of this purple wonder soon and now finally buy something nice! The Gods have decided so...

Anyone interested in an almost as good as new Ka? I am asking €3.000 for it

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