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Originally Posted by Man of Steel View Post
No wonder, these also weren't the best cars late 90's/early 00's.

I will try to trade the car in BTW when I get another car. But maybe I have to pay them ca$h for it and then forced to sell it
Yea basically the same platform was recycled by these Koreans. They used the chassis of the 3rd generation of Fiesta, which was basically the same as the Mk.4 with minor modifications. The Ka and my Puma were based on this Mk.4. I possess many technical manuals and also a Parts Catalog, it is surprising to see the cross-references to these older models. Did you know for example the 1.3L Endura engine was first used in the Ford Anglia?

Do you have any idea on what will be your next car? Get a test-drive in a Puma and I am sure you will be in love
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