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Back in my own wheels. But which?

I'm buying a car, to have my own wheels again. But this time having to pay for it and being new means I have to minimise other expenses related to it. Which inevitably means going diesel. Again. Maybe I should move to abu dhabi or something. But that would actually prove more expensive.


Anyway. Basically the breifing is as follows: diesel, manual, no downsizing malarkey, around 140bhp and around 25 grand is the maximum. Here is the short list of candidates (and my pros and cons):

Seat Ibiza FR TDi 5 door


-Well equipped (altough xenons and bluetooth are options)


-Boy racer image and detailing
-Not as well suited at motorway driving as bigger cars
-Silly low profile tyres
-Sports suspension

Volkswagen Golf 2.0 TDi Advance 5 door


-Big(ger) fuel tank
-More suited to motorway driving
-Cheapest "Golf"
-Comfortable suspension and sensible wheels
-Most spacious and practical


-No Xenon available (not even as an option)
-More expensive than the Ibiza (about 3 grand)
-Not as well equipped as the others

Volkswagen Scirocco 2.0 TDi Bluemotion Technology


-As much car as a Golf
-Cheaper than an equivalent Golf
-Distinctive styling
-More frugal than the Golf thanks to the BMT package
-Better equipped than all the others (Xenons and bluetooth as standard)


-The most expensive by far
-I'm not sure it fits in my garage (too wide)
-Somewhat slower than the Golf (less aerodynamic?)
-Stupid big wheels (225/45 R17) and sports suspension

Ok, that's about it.


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