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Well its now 24 hours, and 250km after I first parked the car in its new home.

It still hasn’t hit me that I own godzilla.. It is mine though, however I keep expecting to have to return it to someone – its a strange feeling.
To anyone that knew my driving style before I was locked into limbo by an automatic subaru, they know that mechanical sympathy isn’t really my strong point.

Amazingly, (and for the first time in my life) I don’t want to jump in and belt the shit out of a car. Perhaps I know its because GTR’s are expensive to maintain, or perhaps a fear of shit going wrong..

In saying that it has seen the top of first gear and flat out shifts into second a few times.. The best way to describe the feeling from the drivers seat is just an unbelievable pull as the turbos get on song. It just keeps pulling cleanly and without complaint well into second gear.

I drove it out to my parents this morning after finishing my night shift, and surprisingly it is pretty decent on the juice – I’ve travelled 250km on half a tank so far.
One of my favourite things about the interior of the GTR is that the seats are some of the best I’ve ever sat in, comfortable, supportive and they look great to boot.
My second favourite thing is that this is actually my first car that has had a working stereo. I’m in my early 20′s, this is my 5th car, and only now do I know the pleasure of songs while driving.
On the subject of audio the GTR has a standard exhaust, its got a restrained burble at idle but it is menacing enough to know there is potency behind it. Flat out however from the inside most of what you hear is just the rush of wind and the spooling of the turbos. Its a great noise.

I had some spare time after enjoying a lunch with my parents after I got it home and decided to add my first sticker.. Another also resides on Clutch's 911, and well, you may see why its amusing once you get a look at it in the photos below.

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