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Originally Posted by jcp123 View Post
Very nice!

I always warm it up driving "granny style" under a light load. Not only does this warm the car up faster than letting it idle, it brings the oil pressure up too. You might be able to substitute holding the RPM's up as it sits, but nothing beats load. Also helps bring your trans up to temperature. Note: your engine oil takes longer to get up to temperature than the coolant. Allow an extra mile or two after your t-stat opens for the oil to warm.
Yes, good idea to make sure the transmission temp is also warm. I do know that in very cold weather, it can take quite a while for both the transmission and rear axle temp to warm to normal operating temp. It was about 75 degrees the day I did the burnout, so warm-up time didn't take long.

Good point about the coolant oil taking longer to warm than the coolant.

And thebrochureman, glad you like the video.

I think I will make one more. I know of a corner where the sun will be at a good angle. Next time I will position the camera well ahead of the car so I will be driving toward the camera. The, I better "lay low" for a while!
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