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Originally Posted by Fleet 500 View Post
Wow, good thing I wasn't speeding or driving dangerously!
Thatís just it. Hoon laws target everything the same way. And if the overlords say a burn out is dangerous, the wowsers will eagerly lap it up. Our governments play hard at making motorists who have a passion for cars and driving appear as freaks or outlaws.
Our state government refuses to allow a private company to buy swamp land (out the back of a power station next to the river where they currently hold speedboat racing) to develop into a motorsport park including a drag strip. They view motor racing as a hoon sport. All except of course the V8 supercars series which they close the Eastern side of the CBD off for to race once a year. Its high profile and they get to put their idiot faces next to the drivers and dignitaries. Hypocrites.

Originally Posted by Fleet 500 View Post
I don't know what the stats for are for burnouts, but it's certainly less than the stats for drunk drivers.
lol, I donít think there are stats for simple burnouts. I doubt anyone ever died from doing one.
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