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Originally Posted by Coventrysucks View Post
You can't tell how much downforce is generated simply by looking at it.

If the basic shape of the Koenigsegg is low drag/low lift, then it does not the raft of additional spoilers that some cars have.

It was the Mercedes CLR that "flipped" by the way, and it wasn't the only one.

The Porsche 911 GT1 also flipped, and a number of other cars came very close.

People always point to the CLR, because it was the most publicised, but in reality it was a generic flaw in the aerodynamic concept being applied at the time.
no I know you can't, but you have to agree it doesn't have as much spoilers and other tools to create enough downforce as other cars do, and I'm assuming they don't have them just for the fun of having spoilers and such . so I was just thinking that it won't have enough downforce needed for stability and acceleration, the standard ccx also had trouble in that area. And on the point on the CLR, I'm sorry you were right, it was the CLR, was confused with it's predecessor, wich was the CLK-GTR, apologies, in my post, it was just to make a point I know it wasn't the only but as you said it is the one most people know about.

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