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I see your point that it doesn't have the abundance of wings, louvres, splitters etc that some racers have, but you have to remember that this is intended for competition in the GT1 class. It will not be competing with the LMP type cars with the huge downforce they create.

I'm not an expert on the exact regs for GT1 but if you look at the other regular class competitors (Aston DBR9, Corvette C6R etc) then you'll see that the aero package basically consists of a big front splitter, a big rear wing, and a big rear diffuser, along with plenty of louvres for cooling and reducing high pressure in the wheel arches etc. This Koenigsegg definitely looks like it'll have a big splitter and hefty rear wing. The problem may be with the diffuser and underbody; as RacingManiac points out there isn't much of a rear overhang for a diffuser to be fixed. However, it should have a very wide, flat underbody which will no doubt be of benefit aero-wise. Also, I wouldn't expect what we see in these pics to be the final racecar. It looks to me like a standard road car with a wing bolted on and a few louvres over the wheelarches. I'd expect to see plenty of revisions from windtunnel and track testing and the like before we ever see it racing.

the standard ccx also had trouble in that area
Are you basing that assumption on that Top Gear episode where the Stig crashed? I wouldn't read too much into that. The Koenigsegg in standard trim (ie without the wing) is clearly designed for low drag, top-speed performance. The original 240mph claim was the headline grabbing selling point of the car so the press cars were generally set up for that kind of performance. A huge rear wing like that in the pics should be plenty to keep it more than stable.

And yes it was definitely the Merc CLR that flipped at Le Mans (3 times in fact), not the CLK-GTR.
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