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Originally Posted by Slowboy View Post
henk4, in terms of timing, the design of the Solo 2 was finalised, bar a few minor tweeks by the time of the 1987 Frankfurt motor show so predates the MR2 Mk2 by 18 months or so.

The design of the Solo 1 broke cover in the UK press in late 1984 and was a smaller simpler mid engined sports car with none of the wings, scoops and vents of the later car. Pictures of this original car can be found near the bottom of the attached link.

Another Solo joins the Club...
thanks for this, and to be honest in my eyes the Solo 1 does not look particularly great, based on those shots. Obviously then Toyota may have taken some clues from the design, but the MR2 is much more compact due to the absence of a rear bench and the transverse position of the engine.
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