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Originally Posted by Birdman View Post
I've got exactly the same problem, so no vids of me on Forza3.
I think with Forza tho, if you have xbox live then you can save your replays and post them to the Forza website, you can do it all straight from the game.

I saved a lap time i ran in a Lotus Elan S1 with racing exhaust and a sports chip (116 hp) on GT4. My lap was a one and done (since the track is so long) in practice so i got a nice run up before the timer started at the start finish line. I ran it in 8'14.051. Prolly coulda been bettered if i ran some more laps with the ghost on and corrected some mistakes but i'd say that's not too shabby. If you really want a photo of the proof i suppose i could do that but you're gonna have to request it since it's more of a pain in the ass
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