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Originally Posted by LeonOfTheDead View Post
I still don't understand how people are waiting for GT5 after all the other GTs being a smallish evolution of the previous, and most of all, with the not really perfect simulation being adjusted over the years.
At first, with GT and GT2, I thought the game and the simulation were perfect.
The trying other games, even smaller one, I understood not only that a lot of work was required, but that such failings weren't tolerable with all the hype around the product, the time required for the developing it, and the propaganda Sony and Poliphony built.
In some senses, it's true. But it's the only new simulation-like game that I've seen being released to the PS3.

And I don't have a gaming computer, so that makes it the only driving game I'm looking forward to. And maybe that new Need for Speed one, depending on how good it turns out.
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