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Originally Posted by f6fhellcat13 View Post
Of those mentioned, I watch Evo, with the Evo Diaries being the only videos I regularly watch. Harry Metcalfe and Steve Sutcliffe seem to provide the best videos from them; all the ones with preposterously-English names seem to produce much more inconsistent content.

Petrolicious can be a bit overblown, but the cinematography is good as is their selection of cars. It's sort of like a soft-focus Jay Leno's Garage without all of his interesting commentary.

Regular Car Reviews is good and funny, with some genuine insight and good writing between the grunting, scatological humor, and Pennsylvania in-jokes.

Drive's move to paid service has annoyed me too. Call me entitled, but the content they provide is not worth my money. Like their blog counterpart, Jalopnik, they provide middling clickbait with little insight or helpful information. I had high hopes for them, because Spinelli seemed to be better than the rest of the Gawker set. I like Chris Harris, but his endless Teutophilia can be pretty wearisome.

The above-mentioned Jay Leno's Garage is among my favorites; Leno''s impeccable taste in cars and attitude towards the hobby make it an incredibly pleasant 'show' to watch.

Mighty Car Mods is another good'un. Comparisons to Top Gear are a bit facile, but it follows the same multiple presenters with chemistry and charisma doing things in and around cars. It also caters to the (small, but growing) market for videos about Japanese or modified cars not made for or by idiots.

Roadkill, like MCM, is just a could of friends messing around having adventures in cars. Though their attitudes can be a little old-school for my tastes, it never fails to provide a bit of mindless fun.
Harry Metcalfe was a very good car reviewer- I enjoyed his Evo Diaries immensely. I was sad that he left for Jaguar, but he's still doing things that he likes.

Jay Leno is also amazing for his very brief history of the marque and model every time he talks about a car. His knowledge of cars is exquisite, as is his collection. He does however seem to have a prejudice against Ferraris, although he is still incredibly knowledgeable about them. He just doesn't seem to want to own one.

I will have to check out Winding Road.

Drive really isn't all that serious- I would rank it slightly lower than Top Gear honestly. The talk show portion run by Mike Spinelli bores me to tears, Chris Harris can be entertaining but to me he's just a really short and young clone of Jeremy Clarkson. And JF Musial absolutely drives me nuts. His monotone voice really puts me to sleep.

The Smoking Tire is better than Drive, and although Matt Farah is on Drive too, at least they actually review cars instead of mindlessly just talking about the cars.

The content on Drive is boring because most of their content is a podcast on video form. Which I could read about in 5 or so minutes instead of watch a 20 minute video on something.

I wish there was more content on Japanese cars. Petrolicous sometimes has a bit, but not nearly as much as I'd want.
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