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Originally Posted by Kitdy View Post

Since we've established UCP is a safe place (in truth, I rarely see such civilized debate on a car forum, let alone the internet) I want to admit I'm not keen on dedicated roadsters. A coupe with a convertible variant? Solid. A dedicated roadster? Bleh. The removable roof on the Vette, and CGT/918 have always irked me for this reason.

Am I a bad person?
Yes, and so am I. But that's besides the point.

I actually prefer a clean sheet roadster to one that is converted from (or shares underpinnings with) a hardtop. Targas and detachable roof panels are the stupidest idea ever in my opinion, you get the worse of both world with none of the advantages. In fact I even think that sunroofs aren't a very good idea. If you want to enjoy the wind in your hair (and the flies, and get third degree sunburns and the interior covered in dust and shit in no time at all) just buy a proper convertible.

I think that currently, given the choice I'd lean towards a hardtop car rather than an open top motor. Don't get me wrong, I like roadsters and I enjoyed my MX-5; the best thing about them is that they amplify the driving experience and you can have fun even from relatively low speeds.

One thing I have learnt the hard way though, is that I'm unlikely to ever run again a soft top as a first car. You can do it (especially one as "logic" as folding metal roof base MX-5) but it's just that you do not want to; the downsides are far greater than the upsides and unless you have tones of spare time and no friends at all you (I?) rarely go for dedicated drives on the countryside. Most of the time you are either in a traffic jam, on a boring ring road or monotone motorway where you are just better off in a closed car.

Of course, if you are a proper petrolhead like me, this all goes out the window the day you have cash in the kitty and you go past a Mazda dealer with the new MX-5 exposed. But for now, the above is where my opinion stands.

As for hybrids I think they could work if they were mated to diesel engines; unfortunately the diesel-hybrid efforts done so far have been... abysmal at best.
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