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Originally Posted by emperor View Post
So I had this idea about cars with two engines. First of all I have no idea is this old, so don't flame me if it is.
I'm talking about concepts or modified cars which have 2 engines, preferably one in the front and one in the back. The idea is:
What if we make one engine drive rear wheels and the other will drive front wheels? (there would be 2 separate and independant units) Is this a good idea or bad? Could it boost preformance? I thought that we could take this a little further and install 2 pedals, each for every engine (similiar to separate brake pedals for rear and front wheels in race cars). Maybe it could give the driver more control. Tell me what you think.
Why not use a conventional single engine car and add a second engine that compresses air (driving a supercharger) to be used for the main engine?

You'll get:
1. Extreme power increase even at low revs. No turbo lag, yet no supercharger parasitic drag for the main engine.
2. Better weight distribution. You'll have 1 engine in the front, other in the rear.
3. Relatively simple conversion. For the main engine you'll need just a stronger crank, maybe a better head gasket and valve seals. For the second engine supercharger, intercooler and tubing
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