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Big time, interesting but why carry around an extra engine to drive the supercharger when you can more effectively increase the performance by traditional supercharger drive. Co-locating the supercharger drive to optimise the air flow a big issue with separate engine for sure
If you're worried about parasitic power loss by the supercharger then you make the base engine more powerful. The supercharger is a multiplier on the engine output, so it's a win win. AND if you are serious about this because you want a big supercharger and want massive amounts of boost then the main engine mod isnt' then "just a stronger crank, maybe a better head gasket and valve seals"

petchyT, when looking at costs, then you are best googling for your car/engine and see what's in the market. If it's the engine to drive a supercharger idea then first find out what it takes to build a main engine capable of the boost and power you aim. You'll be scared by the work/price never mind then looking at a second engine and supercharger.
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