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Originally Posted by @wall
i don't know what your on about here?? in australia this car is sold as a 200sx and has a 2.0L turbo charged engine prodicing 197 hp and it is RWD not FWD...
you guys in australia get the actual cars from japan, you do get the 200sx with the turbo, we in US don't, we get the 240sx with the frontier engine(the 2.4), it is said because of emissions from the sr20 don't pass here in US. and it is also said that the 240sx here in US didn't come with the sr20det cause it could beat the 300zx.(but this is just rumors and what not).

yeh, kind of sux we don't get free market where all cars come and go to other places so they could sell the skyline here in US.(at least then i wouldn't have to get the engine imported from japan for my 240sx:P, or better, buy the actual skyline)
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