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Originally Posted by Rasmus View Post
Typically there's a mechanical, lockout lever hidden under an interior panel somewhere. Sometimes it can be difficult to find.
That's depressing to hear, and honestly to me that sounds like a safety liability. There's a margin of safety to be had with mechanical linkages, and as cool and forward as fly by wire is, you can't beat the mechanical precision and instantaneous feel of a real shift knob. Even airplanes have redundancy, and that's because it would really suck if you lost control of your rudder. There is no quick redundancy to this, and changing ergonomics for the sake of changing it is not a good idea. For instance, Jeep with their stupid gear lever design.

After Yelchin Death, Fiat Chrysler Fast-Tracks Jeep Gearshift Fix - NBC News

I can imagine an actual old school automatic shifter would have been really useful in those runaway Toyotas. It would have been fairly simple and fast to pop them into neutral and you'd still have control over the car.

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