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Originally Posted by f6fhellcat13 View Post
I'm not quite as retrograde as you. I think the Challenger is a pretty-lazy mishmash of parts (true to muscle-car heritage, I'll admit) that isn't particularly evocative because it sets its sights so low. I find the Mustang compelling because it's managed to adapt while still being quintessentially a Mustang.
I do not dislike the Mustang, in fact quite the opposite and I also like that they are offering it in Europe, even if it doesn't fit in any roads, streets or parking spaces. Which is quite inconvenient for us.

However I still think that the Challenger is the better muscle car, even if it the worse car. I like that they decided to supercharge it because why not and that it is offered in orange and purple and lime green. Plus you get the benefit to be able to say I drive a Hemi Challenger which sounds just cool.
Originally Posted by f6fhellcat13 View Post
As long as a Corvette has a burbling V8, I don't think there's any chance it'll be mistaken for anything eye-talian. I also don't think they're necessarily pitching it as such. Like I said: it ain't for me, but it never really was. Seeing a company as stodgy as GM taking a risk like this buoys me spirits for the future. I think Cadillac went too heavy on the bullshit; trying to copy the premiumness without adequately backing it up. Get your Nurburgring times the **** outta here...
Mid-engined and dual clutch gearboxes? It sounds too serious. What is next overhead camshafts? On that I am with NSX, it may be a good car but I am not entirely sure it will be a good Corvette.

Same that happened with Cadillac for the last 15 years or so. They were good cars (even if they lacked the polish of the leading contenders in the class) just not very good Cadillacs. And as such, if you want a BMW you buy a BMW not an American copy from GM. I would forget about all of this handling malarkey and start churning out four door hardtops* (or coupes as they call them now...) with style, panache, confort and infused with Americanness. Everything else in my opinion is a waste of time.

*Oh, and a million SUVs because they are business and need to make money and whatnot...
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