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Originally Posted by nissan pao View Post
Larger aircraft (generally greater than 1.5 tons) have dissipating wicks on trail edge surfaces. I have 2 questions myself and do not where to post them on this site. 1) where can I find the 2 shift levers and 2 linkage rods for a 1967 F100? The sites I have found only have the internal column parts and column handle. Where can I find consumable parts support for Keijidosha cars like the Nissan Pao? The site I intend to buy one from only offers hard parts. For example, this vehicle uses a Bosch N3 oil filter, which is not listed on Bosch's site.
I don't think you'll find a ready answer for your question on the Super Sabre here, but for the Pao, try your question here..

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