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BMW X5 #7

Vehicle & Key Memory with enhanced features
As part of a longer-term project at BMW to make our vehicles even more adaptable to customer preferences, the newly enhanced Vehicle & Key Memory system incorporates an extensive array of functions. Settings chosen by a particular user (identified by his or her remote) during use of the vehicle are automatically stored, and then recalled the next time that person uses the vehicle. These functions are (* indicates optional feature):
• Audio tone settings and presets
• Analog or digital (High Definition Radio*) choice
• Language of displays and voice functions, display units (metric/English)
• iDrive Programmable Memory Keys
• Climate-control temperature and air-distribution settings
• Seat/steering-wheel/mirror setting
• Central-locking preferences (selective unlocking, automatic locking when vehicle is underway)
• Lighting preferences
• Head-up Display settings*
• Rearview Camera settings*

Dynamic Cruise Control
DCC is the X5’s new standard cruise control. Like conventional cruise control, its operation is controlled from a combination stalk, but its function differs from past cruise controls in several ways. For instance, it can apply brakes lightly to maintain set speed, and can limit speed on curves. It also allows the driver to vary the acceleration rate to the set speed. Finally, it provides special functions for downhill driving, such as downshifting when appropriate or cutting off fuel flow to maintain speed. It can even compensate for eventual leaks in the brakes’ hydraulic system.

Front seating
New for ’07, standard power seats include power head-restraint adjustment, making them 10-way adjustable instead of the previous 8-way. As in the past, the driver’s-seat memory includes steering wheel and exterior mirror settings. Sport seats, of course, are available in the optional Sport Package. 20-way Multi-contour Front Seats are also available either as a stand-alone option or as part of the optional Active Ventilated Seats Package.

Redesigned console
A redesigned console includes a forward compartment, containing two large cupholders, storage, ashtray, cigarette lighter/power outlet, and auxiliary audio input. The dual left/right armrest lids can be opened and closed separately, so one side can function as an armrest while the other is open. In addition, the console contains the iDrive controller, an accessory power outlet in main storage compartment, and the button to set and release the new electrohydraulic parking brake.

New glove compartment
A passenger airbag positioned closer to the windshield allows for a larger glove compartment. Its 2-door design – upper door opening upward, lower door opening downward – improves access, while its position gives users a good view of its contents. At the touch of a button to the compartment’s left, the doors open electrically; they are closed manually. The compartment is locked by the central locking system.

Simplified iDrive
The standard iDrive display is in the driver’s primary field of vision, where it can be viewed without undue distraction. The graphics display has been optimized for colors, typography, legibility and contrast under all conceivable light conditions.

Six frequently used functions can be stored on Programmable Memory Keys, which are below the audio system’s CD drive. The user can jump to an often-used menu or function by simply pressing the key where that function is stored. Additionally, the last two keys at the right are dedicated AM/FM and Entertainment Mode buttons.

Automatic climate control: dual-zone standard, 4-zone optional
The standard X5 climate-control system is a significant upgrade of the previous type. Separate left/right rotary controls provide for temperature settings, while various override controls provide four preset patterns for air distribution to the dash, footwells and windshield. These can also be altered via the iDrive, which can also be used to access the Heat at Rest function and “Climatization styles.” A mist sensor, bi-directional solar sensor, active-charcoal micro-filter and maximum a/c settings are also part of this new system. New this year, temperature and volume controlled air vents are now standard in the 3.0si. In addition, temperature and air distribution settings are included in Vehicle & Key Memory on both the 3.0si and 4.8i.

The optional 4-zone system, part of the Rear Climate Package, is described under Packages & options.

Standard audio system
The standard audio system for the new X5 is a significant upgrade from the previous version. The system includes 12 speakers, along with greater audio power, two subwoofers in BMW’s patented underseat positions, and a new speaker configuration for optimized sound distribution in the interior. The system also provides a single-disc CD player, MP3-CD capability, separate audio input, RDS and Weatherband. With BMW Assist, the system also provides Bluetooth connectivity and audio muting for phone use.

The X5 also offers a range of audio options, including a Premium Sound Package, High Definition Radio, SIRIUS Satellite Radio and a Rear Entertainment System.
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