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BMW X5 #8

Upholstery & trim
Leatherette continues as the standard upholstery in the 3.0si model, and is once again available in Sand Beige or Black. The Nevada leather upholstery, standard in the 4.8i and optional in the 3.0si (as part of the Premium Package or a stand-alone option), is upgraded from the previous Dakota leather; it is available in Sand Beige, Black, Gray or the new Tobacco . Also available is Nevada Perforated leather, mandatory in vehicles equipped with Active Seat Ventilation. The perforations appear on the front seats’ center portions; Nevada Perforated leather is a stand-alone option and available only in Sand Beige or Black.

The revised X5 interior also includes upgraded materials on door panels, dash and controls. In addition, a variety of trim materials are available on both the 3.0si and 4.8i, including Graphite (standard 3.0si; not available on 4.8i), Dark Burl Walnut Wood (standard on 4.8i), Light Poplar Wood, or Dark Bamboo wood.

Rear seating: two or three rows
The X5’s folding 2nd-row seats contribute to the great variety of people- and cargo-carrying configurations that are available in this superbly practical vehicle. Standard features include flush-folding seats for a flat cargo floor, with a fold-up center armrest incorporating dual cupholders. Safety features include head restraints and 3-point safety belts at all three seating positions. 3rd-row seating is described under Packages & options.

Cargo area: increased capacity and expanded versatility
The 2007 X5 includes a completely reconfigured storage area, beginning with a 15% increase in capacity. This has been achieved partly by the new X5’s greater length, partly by its greater height, and partly by a lower cargo floor made possible by omission of space for a full-size spare wheel and tire. Yet this underfloor space is sufficient to fold the optional 3rd-row seat flat into the floor.

U.S. X5 models come standard with an 18-in. space-saver spare wheel and tire . Because the road tires are run-flat, users may decide to remove the spare tire upon occasion to utilize the full cargo space. A 2-piece tailgate provides access to the rear compartment. The upper portion includes a Soft Close feature for added convenience.

The lower section provides a low, 30-in. loading height.

Safety & security: proven technology meets innovation
BMW’s longstanding emphasis on both active and passive safety systems is long established. Anti-lock brakes, Dynamic Stability Control and the Head Protection System all illustrate the emphasis BMW has placed on the safety of its customers through the years. As the newest BMW SAV, the X5 benefits both from proven systems and the latest safety technology in protecting its occupants.

Many so-called convenience features—such as Head-up Display, Comfort Access, Automatic Headlight Control or Park Distance Control—also provide a degree of safety or security, even though that might not be their primary function. Some of the active safety features found on the 2007 X5 include:

Automatic Stability Control (ASC). This term refers to the fact that when DSC reduces engine power to head off wheelspin, its effect is felt at all four wheels because all four are driven.
Automatic Differential Brake (ADB-X). When any individual wheel begins to lose traction and reducing engine power doesn’t bring it under control, DSC applies that wheel’s brake as necessary to stop the wheelspin.
Hill Descent Control (HDC). Helps the driver maintain speed and stability on steep downhill runs.
Trailer stabilization. Detects unstable swinging motion of towed trailer; applies vehicle brakes selectively and reduces vehicle speed to less than the critical speed for the trailer’s swinging.

Enhanced DSC: In addition to the traditional functions of Dynamic Stability Control, this new system includes several new features:
Dynamic Traction Control. DTC makes its first appearance in xDrive-equipped BMWs in the new X5 and ‘07 X3. By raising the threshold for wheelspin and eliminating brake intervention, DTC can improve utilization of available road traction under specific conditions: on sand, gravel, deep snow, or packed snow; climbing hills with deep or packed snow; when there is deep snow on only one side of the road; when driving with tire chains. Activated or de-activated by a button at dash center.
Brake Fade Compensation. As brake temperature rises, Brake Fade Compensation automatically increases the hydraulic pressure in the brake system relative to pedal application, so the driver does not have to press harder on the pedal.
Brake Standby. When the driver lifts off the accelerator pedal abruptly, DSC recognizes that sharp braking may be about to occur and applies just enough pressure in the brake system to snug up the pads against the rotors. This minimizes the response time of the braking system.
Brake Drying. Acting on input from the rain sensor (an element of the rain-sensing windshield wipers), the pads are periodically brought up to the rotors to eliminate any film of water between pads and rotors.
Start-off Assistant. Keeps the vehicle from rolling backward for approximately 1.5 seconds after the driver releases the brakes when stopped facing uphill.
Modulated ABS function. Thanks to improved control of the DSC brake valves, the ABS function is smoother than before. Instead of simply being fully applied and released, the application and release of these valves are now modulated.
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