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Originally Posted by G-Wiz View Post
It is a big tuneup for Peugeot going for the Hyrbrid for 09, but downside is you have to worry about the bettery. Will it run long enough without any malfunction on charges, will the engine response time push better than the R10's. Frankly, 09 will be just as hard as it was in this year's 08 24 Hour showdown.

I would like to see the Pescarolo's back in a podium and taking a a win, they sponsor the best racing simulation game in the world, Gran Turismo. Peugeot FTW though. Can't wait to see #'s 1, 2, and 3, vs 7, 8, and 9 race each other next year.
The 908 HDi Hybrid uses a KERS system and a multi-cell battery.

Originally Posted by Mariantic on Zytek and Peugeot KERS systems
These systems are basically "super starter motors" with more batteries than current cars and the starter motor also being a generator to keep the batteries charged. As well as being used to start the engine the starter motor can be the sole power, e.g. in the pit lane, and used as a boost to pass or accelerate when an extra 80BHP is available for a few seconds. Nothing particulary "green" about this really - just a sensible racing accessory!

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