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Originally Posted by jcp123 View Post
I'm partial to the Triumph naked triples, but a Duc is a Duc...I'd pick the Monster just on the looks, but the Streetfighter is impressive.
The Triuimph bug eyes just look so weird and ugly. worst than BMW's headlights.

I love the looks of the monster, so sleek and sporty. Ducati started the naked bike category. I love the way the Duc twin rumbles and for me thats what I love about a Ducati. Triumph trips are very smooth, excellent motors but I prefer the twin, even to an inline 4.

I also love the air cooled 2 valve simplicity of the monster. The water cooling on other naked bikes just don't look right.

I rode the Streetfighter 1098, INSANE.

It's amazing how the Duc's name sets a precedent for it.
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