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Dadi Smoothing sounds either like a specialty gardening implement or a dying off among Dadaist artist that resulted in a much more dilute style.

As much as I am tempted to make fun of the naming practices of the non-established Far Eastern brands (and the Japanese domestic models), at least they are ****ing trying! Seeing Cadillac coming out with CTS-Vs and AT6-XTS and XV5-TYPO when they used to release cars named the goddamned Sedan De Ville Fleetwood Brougham D'Elegance is just pathetic.

Sure the Germans do it, and everyone wants to copy them, but is that the anodyne standard to which carmakers really want to hold themselves? If I'm buying a sportscar say, would I rather have a Chevy Corvette Thrust****er Mach 1 or a McLaren MP4-12f6fhell23458wef98u all else being equal? Come on. A car's name should tell you something about the car; it should give you an insight into the car's purpose: its soul. What useful data can be gleaned from a gibberish string of alphanumerics aside from telling other automakers you cars are better than theirs.

Says the loving owner of a SAAB 900...
"Kimi, can you improve on your [race] finish?"
"No. My Finnish is fine; I am from Finland. Do you have any water?"
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