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Originally Posted by clutch-monkey View Post
we're talking shooting games, not botany simulators
AI is shitty in crysis anyway...
It's easy for those who never played Crysis to say it sucks or it's worse than CoD4.

Originally Posted by Cotterik View Post
I beg to differ when you confront the koreans with nano-suits and miniguns
The nanosuit Koreans in cloak at night was the hardest. Outflanking them wasn't an easy job at all, it almost felt like playing Metal Gear in FPS style.

Originally Posted by Cotterik View Post
If we're talking good AI. I find the bots in UT3 to be pretty damn skilled. loving the demo right now. Holding out for the ps3 version next year.
Agreed. It actually feels like playing online with real people, except they don't accuse the player of hacking.
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