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That is the perfect Veyron! Of course, they're only doing it to up the price a bit, but I still think that French Racing Blue is the perfect color for a Bugatti. Just as I prefer my AMs to come in British Racing Green, Ferraris in Rosso Corsa, and some of the old Danish Formula cars in silver with the two white and one red stripe along the bonnet, etc.

Originally Posted by Roentgen View Post
Btw teatako, the Pegaso isn't an official special edition. It's a Veyron tuned by a rich Arab.
He's actually not Arabian. He's Ukrainian, but lives in the Burj Al-Arab and has numerous other sports-/super-/hypercars (pick the prefix that applies). (and the 1 license plate on the Veyron apparently cost him $15m).

But I digress.
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