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Originally Posted by henk4 View Post
can we make the car FWD to avoid the transmission tunnel?
Can we? Yes we can.
But who'd want FWD in his dream car?

Originally Posted by Matra et Alpine View Post
Why woudl you want that arrangement ?
To improve practicality without increasing length or wheelbase as much as in a 2+2.

Originally Posted by MilesR View Post
and put your hand on his/her leg.
Hopefully her leg. Assuming you're a male of course.

Originally Posted by MilesR View Post
It might find a use for a specialist car, like a supercar, where it allows use of free space, without forcing repackaging of the chassis or drivetrain. I still cannot think of any cars, or car designs, where it would help, though.

Besides, if you had a passenger seat in the middle at the back, where would you put the engine?
I think a front engine sport car like the Corvette would benefit from a 3rd seat.
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