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Ok, I'm a little more in to the game, but only a little. Haven't had much time to play. The races get a bit longer pretty quick which really helps with the fustercluck issue. When you have a few laps you don't feel like you absolutely have to get around everybody right_now. It becomes more about good racing than bumpercars, so that's not so bad.

I love that you can fine tune the difficulty a bit more. Instead of just a flat, "enemy cars race more perfectly" button. This game seems a bit harder, which is awesome. Some challenge to it. I'm still randomly flicking my car out towards the wall, but that's my fault. I _love_ that the computer cars have upgrades, that's awesome.

The UI is definitely an upgrade over the previous. It does feel a little more alive, but only a little. Still fairly "racing simulator" lifeliess feel. Could use a little more of that graphics superpower to show people running around having fun at the beginning of races, a little more race atmosphere.
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