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A History Of Car Logos

Alfa Romeo
This logo is the official branding of the Anonima Lombarda Fabbrica Automobili, which is designed to directly represent the family coat of arms of the Visconti entliehen. It is one of the most influential and respected families out of Milan.

Audi logo design
It is believed that the use of the four rings logo is most likely to generate back to the date of Claus Detlof of Oertzen, who described the idea as being something related to Olympia and the Olympiad which fuses the coming together of groups. This is in line with the coming together of the four Audi companies - AUDI, DKW, Horch and Wanderer.

BMW logo
The logo that is used by BMW is representative and derived from the Bavarian engine components that first made up the company structure in 1917. It is also in the Bavarian national colors of black, white and blue. The black ring and the internal and external enclosing rings were used to represent the previous company "Bayerische Flugzeug-Werke (BFW)". BMW resulted from this business. While many think that the propeller was in fact designed to represent a rotary propeller which was developed in 1929, in actual fact this interpretation is only promoted for marketing purposes and has no factual basis. The more recent iterations of the BMW logo in fact talk little of the propeller and more about the vehicle itself in an outdoor environment, as is outlined by the Publicity and Advertising Manager Wilhelm Farrenkopf in the BMW work magazine in 1942, where he talked about the shining disk, shades of the engines, two silver divides and bright blue gleams that represent the sky.

The company logo of the 1919-initiated company, by founder Andr� Citroen, the French automaker, depicts two gear wheels as herring-bone teeth.

Ferrari logo
This well known and highly recognizable logo depicts a jumping black horse known as "Rampante Cavallo." This logo is for the world famous Italian sport car manufacturer from Maranello � Ferrari. This company has designed and built quality performance sport and racing cars since 1947. The logo design is based upon the family coat of arms of the Countess Paolina Baracca; and the coloured stripes found in the upper area of the logo are symbolic of the Italian national flag.

Jaguar logo
This brand represents the fine quality manufacture of cars PAG that were created and operated by the two founding co-owners Bill Walmsley and William Lyons in the historal and famous English seaside resort of Blackpool, where many cars were initially made to showcase in motorcycle side car parades for friends and family. In 1922 the company created the English expression "Swallow" to represent the Swallow Sidecar company, which manufactured side cars and other small vehicles. Then in 1931, they began to install engines and chassis into sporty type bodies and called these vehicles S.S. which was an abbreviation for "Standard Swallow.� Following on from this in the 1930s, they then began to build engines and chassis. The "Jaguar" image was seen for the very first time in 1935 and was used on the first new style of sedan that was produced at the time � known as the S.S. 100 Jaguar. The SS abbreviation has continued in the naming of the Jaguars through to recent times, as the use of the Jaguar image.
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