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Our government calls people who do that “hoons”. They have “hoon” laws that will result in you having your car confiscated and being fined for something like that. The law actually allows them to crush your car although I think they have only done it to repeat offenders. It is not enough for them to have speeding and dangerous driving laws in place because they need to appeal to the lowest common denominator ignoramus whose information and education is mainly derived from current affairs programs and shock jock radio announcers. It works well though as they have enough people swallowing this crap so that they can maintain these ridiculous laws. Basically where speeding offences and dangerous driving offences are specific and target particular offences anything can be labelled a “hoon” offence. A relatively insignificant spin of the wheels to 160kph street drags will all end up in the paper as “hoon” driving.
I would like to see the stats for death and serious injury from a burnout such as that.
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