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Technically Toyota is not "competing" this year....they don't think they'll be racing for the win, but out there racing and developing is probably potentially more profitable commercially and developmentally than closed door testing an entire year....their F1 testing year certainly didn't do any good....The fact that they were willing to take up the slack in Peugeot's place must have taken some doing....considering no one probably saw that coming....

I don't think they will be that much off the pace if at all....and I would be surprised if Dome can actually beat Toyota in qualifying....

As far as the "only" monocoque, another possibility is that that is the only monocoque that they build as a test car. If their plan was to test and figureout what configuration of the hybrid system is more useful, its likely that they will arrive at some decision and actually build an actual "finalized" version after testing is over.....
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