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Originally Posted by stian1979
Revtec? did you even read what they say about the engine? it fire 3times per revelution and then it will also produce 3 times more torque, but also consume 3times more fuel.
That relationship depends on efficiency and lossses which you've clearly ignored
No engine is going to be radically different in perfromance, but a few aroudn just now are promising incremental improvements.
But the Revetec is reported LOWER consumption. So can you give where you're getting your info from ?
The bearings on the side of the piston how long will they last?
I think you are confusing Wankel seals with Revetec bearings.
IT's a bearing, just the same as there is a journal ( ie bearing surface ) on a crankshaft and a gudgeon pin !! The design permits that to be a roller bearing which will have a MUCH longer life than shells
I believe the heavy crankshaft mecanism will make the engine heavy.
no conrods How do you equate heavy weight ?
It has to be a bokser design with all the disandvantages that have. a boker is more heavy than a inline or v engine at simular size.
cylinders will quicker ger oval.
now you're just makign stuff up
Good for a laugh tho'
So WHY is it going to oval the cylinders given that there are no sideways forces as with a conrod design ????
Boxers dont' HAVE to be heavier -- where are you reaching that conclusion ?
Here is another crazy dude
Never really a starter as too many moving components facign compression sealing issues.
Vovlo variable compression engine is the best implementation of all the attmpets to deliver it over the decades.

If you have access to more techncial details on the Revetec I'd love you to share them as it can be difficult reading past the marketing hype
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