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Originally Posted by Matra et Alpine
That relationship depends on efficiency and lossses which you've clearly ignored
No engine is going to be radically different in perfromance, but a few aroudn just now are promising incremental improvements.
But the Revetec is reported LOWER consumption. So can you give where you're getting your info from ?

I think you are confusing Wankel seals with Revetec bearings.
IT's a bearing, just the same as there is a journal ( ie bearing surface ) on a crankshaft and a gudgeon pin !! The design permits that to be a roller bearing which will have a MUCH longer life than shells

no conrods How do you equate heavy weight ?

now you're just makign stuff up
Good for a laugh tho'
So WHY is it going to oval the cylinders given that there are no sideways forces as with a conrod design ????
Boxers dont' HAVE to be heavier -- where are you reaching that conclusion ?

Never really a starter as too many moving components facign compression sealing issues.
Vovlo variable compression engine is the best implementation of all the attmpets to deliver it over the decades.

If you have access to more techncial details on the Revetec I'd love you to share them as it can be difficult reading past the marketing hype

read this and you see what I mean. They say they good more torque but it's a lie since it produce actualy less torque per work cycle. The fuel should be the same since it's using engine comparison at same deplasement and same cylinder preshure. It show bether fuel efficensy at low rpm but this is due to bether flow in the valves since the engine has higher piston speed at same rpm than a convensional engine. so a convensional engine would have the same fuel efficensy at the same torque. Tehy only read out the data that make the engine look good.

The bearings I'm refering to is the ones transfering the power from the pistons to the big dishes I would call a crankshaft.

Those shafts with those big cams and the mecanism to handle the contrarotating operation must be more heav than anny conrods.

Boxers get oval more easy because the gravety pull the pistons down against he ground. Why is it only two brands in the worls using boxers? It has good balance and low center of gravety so why is it not more that use them?
a inline will be lighter because it require less material since making only one bank conectet to the crankcase. A smal V will make the Banks share some material and big V vill make the engine more heavy because the banks no longer share anny material so it has to be conectd to the crankcase bye it's own. A boxer is practical a 180 degre V engine.

Renult had a 110decre f1 engine but give it up because it become to heavy.
They went back to a more moderate angle.

Know what I mean?

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