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Originally Posted by Falcon500
There have been alot of companys come up with good ideas...only to be bought out by largemanufactuors so they stop developing their own technologys...that and lack of intrest...
to be fair to the big-guys, often it's because they've already done it.

Re-generative braking has been used in different guises in British busses for decades. The most common one is pretty much what was described, the wheels push hydralic pressure into a reservoir when braking and release it back out when taking away. ( What might be clever with this suggestion given is if it were built into the ENGINE ) Electric's been done too. But, the scariest one was in the 50s (IIRC) when they stored it in a flywheel ! I just had visions of this few hundred pound wheel spinning at 20Ks breaking free and mutilating everyone in the bus - I was a kid at the time
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