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Originally Posted by jcp123 View Post
I'm actually glad to see a more basic car. The more I study old school hot rods, the more I realize we take for granted all the little features in a car and how sturdy, light, and reliable they can be without them. I for one like our Ford Ranger fleet model at work with its AM/FM radio, manual windows, and carpet-delete better than optioned out cars. Over the last year I've also noticed that a lot of automakers are sadly getting rid of el-strippo models, too.

When I build my rod, it'll probably never have carpet, power steering or brakes, nor a/c. I might break down and put a stereo in if its a hardtop, otherwise if it's a open body...well, I probably won't even have a top for it, either. Stereos and rain usually don't get along well and I'm not going to bother sourcing a marine stereo or whatever for it.
Yeah, these basic cars are the ones that wind up lasting forever because there's nothing to go wrong with. Case in point- my family owns a 1983 Accord. It has no power windows, locks, or fuel injection. My father still drives it though. It does have power steering and it's still running like a dream. Strange enough, I know of an Accord of the same model that has leather, a moonroof, and power windows and locks. Unfortunately, a retard crashed into it while it was parked. Another Accord bites the dust.

That car is awesome. I love it to death.
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