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Originally Posted by Matra et Alpine View Post
no prob as was clear from start that Russel's flat 6es collection would create an insurmountable total until Jim posts :-)
Which will be gob-smacking.
Originally Posted by jcp123 View Post
Damn, I am falling behind in the rankings LOL! I went from bronze medal to 5th place

Since you put up some other metrics...
Aw HELL no. Realizing how many ICEs I have to maintain was quite enough, thanks. No Displacement/HP/Torque/Valves/Cams/Cranks
or fuel consumption calcs from me.

For awhile, I jokingly ranked my quality of life index by counting toilets maintained, 'cause the damn things are a constant problem in commercial property. At one point we had a total of 26... getting down to 14 was a relief!
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