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Originally Posted by coolieman1220 View Post
Lets see,

335d - Straight 6
Audi Q5, 09' was a V6 but thats recently been upgraded for a turbo 4
Jetta is a 4 bangin diesel
Ducati Monster is a L twin

so that puts me at 16 cylinders and 7.8 liters of displacement.
702 horsepower
952 ftlbs of torque

no bad at all!

Do turbo's still get a 1.5 liter displacement multiplication? or diesels?
Well now we're putting in camshafts and valves?

7 camshafts for 58 valves.
8 exhuast tips for 4 vehicles
4 turbo chargers
54.1 gallons of fuel
20.1 quarts of oil
3920mm of tire width (including winter tires)

revised my math with proper specs:
703 horsepower average of 44 per cylinder, 90 horses a liter
977 ftlbs of torque. average of 61 per cylidner, 125 ftlbs a liter.

all that at a brand new price of $135,000 USD MSRP. almost $8,500 a cylinder, $192 a horsepower, $138 a ftlbs of torque & $17,307 a liter.

Ok back to work.
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