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Originally Posted by NSXType-R View Post
No wonder I think it's so torquey- it has 177 hp and 166 ft lb of torque.

That would be the most torquey car in our lineup.
Nope. I beat you to it This is going to be a long senseless post, but hell..

166 ft/lb = 224.81 Nm in the internationally agreed unit system

That gives a ratio of Nm to hp of 1.2701 : 1

Now my Puma, on the last dyno-run had 142.1 hp and 184.6 Nm.

Which gives a ratio of 1.299 : 1

I win

Anyway, our households current cilinder count is 11:
4: Ford Puma
4: Citroen C5 Ph.2 2.0
1: Generator
1: Lawnmower
1: Chainsaw
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