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Originally Posted by thebrochureman View Post
why will it get me in trouble
"11. The official language of this board is the English. We encourage everyone to write, as much as possible, in correct and complete words and sentences. The use of SMS-like writing is strongly discouraged."

Still, punctuation is not the foremost reason your posts lack quality.

Some tips:

1. Post quality > post quantity

2. If there is an existing thread on the topic/car, feel free to consolidate, instead of starting a new thread.

3. Try to be concise or informative. Some veteran posters have earned the right to behave otherwise. They have earned this ability by submitting tens and tens of good quality posts.

4. Most people join a forum in order to learn and/or contribute.

5. The forum demands respect, thus thoughtful dialogue must be cultivated. You would not use crayons on an oil painting, would you?
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