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Originally Posted by f6fhellcat13 View Post
This will certainly be interesting to watch. I definitely skew FR in my tastes, but I'm glad to see GM going out on a limb.
I agree. MR just screams high maintenance to me and difficult to access parts. FR sounds much more plebeian and accessible. I remember going to a small car show where I overheard the owner of a Ferrari 550 Maranello was talking about his purchase. He bought it brand new and basically forked over the price of a house to the dealer. Yet he mentioned that he can still do some basic maintenance on his own much more easily just because it's front engined and not mid engined.

That being said, front engined isn't the end all be all, look at the 300ZX. Front engined doesn't mean anything, nothing's accessible. But, I'd assume on a C7 gen Corvette and prior, it shouldn't be rocket science.
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