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I'm not quite as retrograde as you. I think the Challenger is a pretty-lazy mishmash of parts (true to muscle-car heritage, I'll admit) that isn't particularly evocative because it sets its sights so low. I find the Mustang compelling because it's managed to adapt while still being quintessentially a Mustang.

As long as a Corvette has a burbling V8, I don't think there's any chance it'll be mistaken for anything eye-talian. I also don't think they're necessarily pitching it as such. Like I said: it ain't for me, but it never really was. Seeing a company as stodgy as GM taking a risk like this buoys me spirits for the future. I think Cadillac went too heavy on the bullshit; trying to copy the premiumness without adequately backing it up. Get your Nurburgring times the **** outta here...
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