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Bailey Blade Prototype 2009-

(from BaileySpeed)

Blade Prototype overview:
This car was designed to capture the look and feel of old school automobiles with a hint of modern touches. This is a full performance car built with modern advancements. Big V8 fuel injected power plant up front riding on a tubular hybrid chassis with full independent suspension. The addition of belly pans and rear splitters are added to keep down force up without the need of a giant rear spoiler.


Engines types range from Roush 400HP to 500+HP. The B1 engine compartment is designed to accommodate most small block engines including the newer Ford modular 4.6L engines.


Several suspension types can be applied. Standard equip is a fully adjustable independent rear suspension with adjustable shocks. Front suspension utilizes adjustable upper and lower control arms and with adjustable performance shocks. The rear end can be swapped with a Ford 9" or 8.8" straight axel with 4-Link or 3-Link rear control arms. Also included are adjustable anti-sway bars for both front and rear of the car.


Full steel chassis consisting of tubular roll cage affixed to a solid ridged box steel frame. The tubular roll cage is hidden from view and protects the driver and passenger sides with the addition of two hoop style bars to protect in case of roll over.


Full Vinyl Ester hand laid fiber glass body that is Light weight in design with functional trunk doors and hood. The hood is a clam shell style hood that flips forward to allow for easy access to the engine compartment.
Engine = 5.8 liter V8
Weight = 2200 lbs
Aspiration = natural
Torque = 460 lb-ft @ 4200 rpm
HP = 480 hp @ 4200 rpm
HP/Liter = 82.8 hp per liter

2008 Bailey Blade Prototype
"Horsepower sells motor cars, but torque wins motor races."
-Carrol Shelby

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