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Originally Posted by Quiggs View Post
BUT TEH TREEZ MOVE most bestestar game evAr
Originally Posted by Cotterik View Post
I beg to differ when you confront the koreans with nano-suits and miniguns

If we're talking good AI. I find the bots in UT3 to be pretty damn skilled. loving the demo right now. Holding out for the ps3 version next year.
UT3 is great, i agree the AI is quite nifty

Originally Posted by NuclearCrap View Post
It's easy for those who never played Crysis to say it sucks or it's worse than CoD4.
i didn't say it's worse than COD4.
i'm saying i stopped playing crysis when i saw a platoon of koreans pile into the ocean, and promptly drown themselves. hopefully far cry 2 will fare better.
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