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Originally Posted by Cotterik View Post
what is the 'martyr perk'? I've not got the game yet but I've heard about this
Originally Posted by Quiggs View Post
Edit: Martyr perk = you die and you drop a live grenade. Anyone near by = dead. GGz report.
i just think it's a bit cheap and annoying, but adds to the chaos on maps like vacant. If youwant to kill people after dying, use the last stand perk - it's hilarious, especially if you get someone else with it on
Originally Posted by Quiggs View Post
Bog's a tight map, too. CM you see me on send me an invite. I think I finally found a game to pull me away from Forza.
will do. my net connection is a bit sluggish they'll be local games, so won't be too favourable for your ping, but it can work
Originally Posted by whiteballz View Post
I would have stopped you if i were in that with my scoped M21 and doubletap/stopping power.
actually sizmos tried just that, with the M21 and everything. last kill of that match was me grenading him
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